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Cappadocia is one of the major cultural and historical centres of Turkey and an important tourist hub. Cappadocia's most upmarket and contemporary tourist town, Ürgüp has a number of lovely hotels, many built in and around centuries-old cave dwellings. The city and its surrounding area are known for their mysterious fairy chimneys, early Christian rock churches and fine vineyards. A mix of ancient and modern, Urgup is a centre for traditional handmade carpets, but also has a lively night-life and is renowned for its fine dining. Hot air ballooning is very popular, and a fantastic way to see the area's beauty from above.

The historical old town of Ürgüp is home to many fine examples of the traditional stone architecture of this region, and are well worth a visit. Admire the fine mansions with their elaborately decorated door and window-frames. And what about the "fairy chimneys", the crazily conical rock formations for which Cappadocia is famous? Well, take the road out of town toward Göreme and almost immediately you will come to a group of them, known rather charmingly as "the family."

If you want to discover the authentic way of Cappadocian life untouched by mass tourism, Ürgüp is the place for you. Some of these historic old Greek houses and cave dwellings are for sale, and are waiting to be restored to their former glory.

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